Mutual Aid for Migrants

Four volunteers at the airport wearing blue vests

Migrants from the border need your help and support at the San Diego Airport and in East County.

We All We Got SD is one of many mutual aid groups that are working to support migrants recently released in the San Diego area. We are seeking volunteers and donations to help bring food and hygiene items to migrants waiting at the airport in the mornings and evenings. Migrants are often left at the airport with few personal items and no resources after being kept in inhumane outdoor conditions while being processed.


If this is your first time volunteering with us for airport runs, please email us or send an Instagram message and we'll get you connected with our Discord community.

A cart of fruit, snacks, and water ready to be handed out at the airport
Taking a cart of food and snacks through the airport


Your donations make a huge difference! It currently costs about $250/day to provide food and hygiene items twice a day. Food donations are also welcome, if you have extra prepared food or are able to package up some meals.